Flavor Extracts Nutritional Content

Nutritional Labeling and Education Act (NLEA)

Nutritional Profiles

Flavoring extracts, essential oils, colors, spices and other aromatic chemical compounds by definition are exempt as per the rules for compliance as published in the Federal Register on January 6, 1993, (Volume 58, No.3).

The strength and usage of such material in finished food products are determined under normal usage to fall under the published guidelines to be regarded as zero(0).

Total calories Less than 5 calories
Total fat Less than 0.5 mg
Cholesterol Less than 2 mg
Carbohydrate Less than 1 gm
Protein Less than 1 gm

The flavor extracts have either no nutritional value or level of no nutritional significance in respect to vitamins, minerals or fiber content.

Fat content 0.00
Carbohydrates 0.00
(In the form of sugar)

Each product has some caloric content derived from the solvents used in the production of the flavoring such as ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, glycerin, etc. Also, some caloric content is derived from the essential oils, botanicals or aromatic chemicals in the flavoring.

This caloric content ranges from 59-90 calories per 100 grams of material. Based on the usage strength of these additives, the value of these additives on a per serving basis would be negligible or less than of nutritional significance. Using the most caloric extract in a 24 flavors cone, it is 1.36 calorie.

The F.D.A. regulations are directed toward the nutritional value of the food consumed. Your processing or the consumer’s preparation of the final food product may alter the nutritional value of our products in your customer’s food product.

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