Iceberg 24 Slush System

Icebergs use the same fat-free, cholesterol-free, and naturally delicious Galaxy Flavor Extracts that your customers have grown to know & love, in a non-dairy frozen beverage. Like the 24 Flavors System, the 24 Flavors of Icebergs System is a surefire customer favorite that will perform virtually maintenance free. Because of their all-natural flavor, Icebergs are more akin to a Fruit “Coolatta” beverage than to a slushsie-type drink. Icebergs can be served not only as natural fruit-ice beverages, but as Fruit Smoothies and Frozen Coffee Beverages as well! A world of flavors for your customers to discover.


width 28.5″
Height 31.5″
Depth 18.5″
Weight 85 lbs
Electricity 115 Volts, 4.5 amps
The  unit  fits  easily  at  the  back  of  a  preparation  counter  and  needs only  a  standard  electrical  outlet  for  installation. Kids  love  the  natural  flavors  of  Icebergs  with  real  flavor  extracts  like  Grape, Watermelon  and  Strawberry  (as  opposed  to  Purple,  Pink  &  Red  flavored  artificial syrup!).  Most  importantly,  Iceberg’s  naturally  delicious  flavors  capture  the  imagination  of  Moms  (who  drive  the  kids  in  the  minivans,  making  them  your  true  target  audience)  with  frozen  beverage  treats  like  Mango,  Kiwi-Strawberry-Banana  & Piña  Colada. The  finished  product  cost  on  Iceberg  is  only  3  cents  per  ounce  including  the  flavor  extracts,  making  it  a  very  high-profit,  premium  frozen  drink.  Like  the 24 Flavors  System,  the 24  Flavors  of  Icebergs  System  is  a  sure  fire  customer favorite  that  will  perform  virtually  maintenance  free. The  24  Flavors  of  Icebergs  System  comes  with  everything  you  need  to  offer 24  delicious  flavors  of  Icebergs,  including:
  • Iceberg base (1 case).
  • 24  – 8 oz bottles of flavor extracts (enough for over 3,000 12 oz servings).
  • 24  special pumps to fit the 8 oz bottles of extracts.
  • Effective trademark point-of-sale merchandising items
Selling Price & Gross Profit Consider that once you are above break even, Gross Profit = Additional Profit
16 oz Serving Fruit-Ice Drinks Smoothie Drinks
Selling Price Less: Cost Gross Profit
$2.00 $2.50
$0.48 $0.50
$1.52 $2.00
Example: Fruit- Ice Drinks Smoothie drinks
16 oz cups sold per day Monthly added Profit Yearly added profit Monthly added Profit Yearly added profit
10 cups $912 $10,944 $1,200 $14,400
20 cups $456 $5,472 $600 $7,200
50 cups $2,280 $27,360 $3,000 $36,000
Based on 30 Days per month and 12 months a year
Rating: 0