Delightful Dip System

Add variety to your menu and increase your profits by adding our 6 Flavors of Delightful Dips system to your business. Now your customers can enjoy all the flavors of Delightful Dips, all the time!


width 22”
Height 19”
Depth 14”
Weight 25 lbs
Electricity 115 Volts, 10 amps

The unit fits easily at the back of preparation counter and needs only a standard electrical outlet for installation.

The kit contains: 1 warmer for 6 flavors of dip
Flavors: Banana, Blue raspberry, Butterscotch, Cherry, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Toasted Coconut and White Bliss cone dip.
Nothing tops-off a Soft Serve treat like a Dip Top coating – but why limit yourself to just Chocolate and Cherry? In any retail sales environment, square footage is at a premium. If you’re like most Ice Cream store operators, when it comes to counter-top space, square inches are at a premium! In the amount of counter-top space a conventional Dip warmer holding only two number 10 cans would take, one of our warmers can handle six delicious flavors of Delightful Dips!

Selling Price & Gross Profit
Consider that once you are above break
even, Gross Profit = Additional Profit
Regular Soft Serve Cone Delightfully Dipped Cone
Break Even $0.35 @ $0.50  
Selling Price $1.50 $1.54 $1.85 $2.00
Less: Cost $0.17 $0.21 $0.21 $0.21
Gross Profit $1.33 $1.33 $1.64 $1.79
Delightful Dip Cones sold per day Monthly added Profit @ $0.35 Yearly added Profit @ $0.35 Monthly added Profit @ $0.50 Yearly added Profit @ $0.50
10 cones $93 $1,116 $138 $1,656
20 cones $186 $2,232 $276 $3,312
50 cones $465 $5,580 $690 $8,280
Based on 30 days per month and 12 months a year

By now you have begun to notice a pattern developing – All of our uniquely profitable solutions for your business share at least three things in common:

  1. You get a variety that would normally only come to those who’ve spent much more on equipment.
  2. This tremendous variety does not come at the cost of tying-up your limited counter-top space.
  3. These concepts require minimal cleaning & virtually no maintenance, helping you increase your proportion of sales on the menu items that bring in most of the profits!

You can Order The Delightful System here
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