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Get the most out of YOUR soft serve machine with the 24 Flavor System


ATTRACTS More Customers and their Friends
Enjoy a Variety of Exquisite Flavors
They Keep coming back for more !
Increase Items on your menu: With this flavor ice cream machine you can add natural food extract flavors, fresh Fruit, Cookies, Bits of Candy directly into your soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt.
CONVENIENT Portable, Easy to operate
Easy to Clean
ADVANTAGE Overwhelming Customer Appeal
Ground Floor Opportunity
Win Extra Sales and Profits
DECISION Take this advantage Now !

Be ahead of competition



Image showing 24 Flavor System for soft serve

How does it WORK ?


Image showing 24 Flavor System Step1 Image showing 24 Flavor System Step2 Image showing 24 Flavor System Step3

Actual equipment might differ from the picture


The 24 flavor System comes with everything you need to offer 24 delicious flavors of soft serve including: a variable speed footswitch, 5 special cups with caps, 24 - 8oz bottles of flavor extracts which give a total yield around 7000 servings, 24 special pumps to fit the 8oz bottles of extracts, attractive trademark point of sale merchandising items, one special cleaning cup with brush.

Other advantages of the 24 Flavor System:

   Operates independently from your soft serve ice cream machine
   • You won't need to operate as many flavor ice cream machines or flavor frozen yogurt machines since you can offer all flavors from only 1 soft serve machine + a 24 flavor system
   • Stainless steel construction
   • Easy maintenance
   • Easy to use
   • Mix-In Blender side is great to make flavored hurricanes Image showing 24 Flavor System Hurricanes
2   good reasons for adding a 24 Flavor System
Selling Price & Gross Profit

Soft Serve
24 Flavor Cone
Break Even @ $0..50 @ $0.50 + Mix-In @ $0.35
Selling Price $2.50 $2.55 $3.00 $3.35
Less: Cost $0.23 $0.28 $0.28 $0.34
Gross Profit $2.27 $2.27 $2.72 $3.01
1st Get an edge on competition and increase number of customers per day
( Draw some away from competition and see your existing customers more often )
Was selling
per day
Now selling
per day
      Added Yearly Profit
24 Flavor @ $0.50
Consider that once you are above
break even,

Gross Profit = Additional Profit

If you increased by as little as
8 cones
per day, you would pay for the 24 Flavor System within one year.

50 cones 80 cones $29,784
150 cones 200 cones $49,640
300 cones 400 cones       $99,280

Based on 365 days

2nd Get increased profit on each cone sold
Cones sold
per day
Soft Serve
        24 Flavor
@ $0.50
Yearly Profit
        24 Flavor
@ $0.50 + Mix-In @ $0.35
Yearly Profit
50 $41,427 $49,640 $8,212 $54,932 $13,505
150 $124,282 $148,920 $24,638 $164,796 $40,515
300 $248,565 $297,840 $49,275 $329,592 $81,030

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